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BENEFITS of Pet Sitting
@ PAWSitive Vibrations
Your pet(s) are not required to spend time in a kennel or cage
Your pet(s) are not exposed to diseases and parasites
Your pet(s) receive same diet and medications
Your pet(s) are given a frequent and regular potty schedule
Your pet(s) receive lots of love and attention while you're away
Your pet(s) receive lots of socialization with other dogs and cats
Your pet(s) receive lots of exercise and playtime along with naps
There is less stress to your dog than a kennel or boarding environment
Your pet(s) experience a safe, caring and loving home environment
Your pet(s) get a safe and secure environment in which to romp, play and burn off extra energy
You are welcome to bring a bed, blanket, towel, toys and treats for your dogs comfort
We provide daily updates via text or email with photos of your pet(s)

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